Nicholas Montgomery is a Brooklyn based mixer, sound designer, and supervising sound editor with over twenty years of experience spanning the industries of film, television, advertising, and video games. He began his career at the post-audio film house, Dig It Audio, where he was mentored by Tom Efinger and instructed on the finer points of sound for film. In his eight years Dig It, Nick earned credits in nearly every discipline related to post-production audio on a number of award winning independent feature films. Once fully coming into his own as a sound editor and sound designer, Nick took the opportunity to expand his career and accepted a job at the headquarters of the renowned video game publisher, Rockstar Games, where he designed and mixed audio content on a variety of video games titles including Rockstar’s flagship franchise, Grand Theft Auto. Nick also served as supervising sound editor at Rockstar, overseeing the production and delivery of audio assets to Rockstar’s global roster of video game developers. After four years and the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, Nick once again looked to expand his experience and set out to pursue a freelance career. However, after serving as re-recording mixer on three feature films and a handful of television projects, he was quickly recruited to be the in-house mixer and sound designer at the established editorial firm, Crew Cuts. At Crew Cuts Nick had the opportunity to work with many of New York’s biggest advertising agencies. He has mixed and sound designed national TV campaigns for major brands including GE, Comcast, Gillette, Dairy Queen, Starbucks, Hellmann’s, Home Depot, American Express, and Delta. After 5 years at Crew Cuts, Nick once again set out to expand his career and established the Audionick brand of freelance mixing, aiming to service clients across all the industries of his career, with studio affiliations at Red Hook Post (formally Dig It Audio) for film and television projects, and PLUSHnyc for commercial advertising projects. Nick is also an avid lover of electronic music. In his free time he DJ’s and writes and produces music out of his home recording studio, The Inside Track.


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